Our Community, St. Martins Episcopal Church Hudson Florida


Sunday Holy Eucharist Rite II 9:00AM

We hope you come to visit us, please know it is perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious.  Let me try to put you and ease by saying that this small community of faithful followers of Jesus think of themselves as one big family.  It won't be long to sense the genuine friendliness of this group of disciples.  We may be a small parish, but we have a large heart and genuine concern for the less fortunate in our community.  Everyone is welcome here, regardless of social economic status, race, or sexual orientation.  Like any family, we sometimes disagree on things, but our love for one another outweigh our differences.  If you do come for a visit, we invite you to come in and relax in the living presence of the Lord.  Our liturgy (our order of worship) is based on the traditions of the ancient church, Holy, catholic, and Apostolic.  At St. Martin's, we respect our ancient traditions, while remaining open to new possibilities; ever ancient, ever new.  There is no "wrong" way to give worship and praise to God.  And don't worry about wearing the proper clothes; just relax and join us in our journey of faith.  Following our liturgical celebration, please enjoy some coffee and sweets and fellowship with members of our family.  You are welcome here!  If you have any questions, please contact Fr. Ron.  Hope to see you soon!

Blessings in the Lord, Fr. Ron+

Healing Service Every Wednesday 10:00AM

We are a community of prayer.  Our prayer life is what binds us together with our Lord. This service offers those who need healing prayer or who want to express thankfulness, a place where they can be held up by others in the community.  Through Eucharist, anointing and laying on of hands we invite the healing prayer to heal the mind, body and soul of those who are in need.   

Outreach Ministries

We here at St. Martins Hudson Florida, are living members in the body of Christ and we are the ones that carry the love of Christ out into the world.  The giving of our time and talents are vital to how we express our love for our community here in Hudson Florida and beyond.  Our outreach ministries include collecting for food pantries around our area, knitting group who create beautiful items for those in need, collecting school supplies for area children, and so much more. God's work, Our Hands

Taking Care of Those We Love

We also offer home and hospital visits to those who are not able to come to us.  We will bring you Eucharist, stay for a visit and pray with you.  Just because you may not be able to be with us physically, doesn't mean we forget about you.  This ministry helps us to stay together as a family and to keep everyone informed as to your health, happiness and lives. Near or far, we are family.

Don't forget about the FUN!

We are a community that also enjoys life and having fun.  We have game days, fashion shows, meals, choir, readers, outings, sacristans, conventions, going to plays, shopping, movies and whatever else we all can think of.  

Hoping to meet you soon!